Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Years Later....

So yesterday was certainly another milestone.  It's been two years since I took my first steps into changing my life.  I've done so much and come so much further than I ever expected, I'm still catching up with it all!

From a couch potato who had all but given up, the last two years have seen me:

* Lose over 50kg's
* Complete the City2Surf
* Complete a Triathlon
* Go snow skiing
* Try snorkeling
* Start riding my bike to work
* Appear in a magazine
* Appear on TV
* Try various types of exercise from running to weights and everything inbetween!
* Start studying to become a personal trainer
* Shop in clothes stores that I never would have looked twice at!
* Find a lust for life that I thought was something I'd never experience

And that's not even a complete list, just a summary of some of the highlights!  Not including all the things I still have planned and all the possibilities that anxiously await me!

I truly never thought I could come so far from a size 26 to a size 10-12, shopping has never been so much fun or exciting.  Yesterday I tried on five pairs of boots and they all fit my calves! The little joys, the feeling of empowerment, the sense that anything is possible, I wish I could bottle it to give it away.  I wish for anyone sitting there on the couch thinking it's so impossible that they truly believe that it is possible, they just have to get up and try.

I used to worry that life was passing me by, and well you know what, IT WAS!  No more, I relish every new experience, every new experience conquered, every new experience that brings another goal or another experience or a brand new person into my life! 

Two years ago I would have thought two years is such a long time, but in living in the moment and pushing forward with every new thing, every new opportunity it's gone by in a blink of an eye.  So don't waste it, Live it, Love it, in the words of Nike... Just Do It!

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