Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snorkeling Fun

It's still a novelty for me when I get to try something new with no fear.  Well I suppose I mean without any added fear about whether my weight will hold me back.  Whilst I can swim well enough to not drown, being overweight for a long period of time (for me) meant staying away from water including the idea of a swimming costume or pretty much anything to do with the beach unless I was able to remain fully clothed.

Nowadays though, swimming has been added to my routine as I learn to freestyle properly, try a Triathlon, and visit the beach.

Last Saturday I decided to try Snorkeling.  Having nabbed some vouchers with a friend, we decided we better quickly use them before the weather really really turns! :D

When we arrived we were offered wet suits, which because they day had turned cooler than we had hoped we agreed to.  It must have been the highlight of the whole experience, just trying to get into the damn thing hahahahaha, there we were jumping around tugging on this contraption, nearly wetting ourselves in laughter, if the day had ended it there it still would have been a good one! :D

Once we were finally zipped in, we toddled off down to the beach... more fun ensued in getting our fins on due to the wavey water.  I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty choppy and it was hard work and lots of salt water was swallowed, but once we finally got the hang of it, it was pretty cool, and when you pass over a rocky area with fish you suddenly feel like you are in the middle of the TV, if you've ever watched TV that show stuff underwater!  We were grateful not only for the warmth of the wetsuit but their bouyancy made it marginally easier to navigate the waves once you relaxed. 

I'll definitely be in for giving it another go, hopefully on a day when the water is calmer (or maybe I'll just have to hoof it up to Queensland!)

Something I'm really looking forward to is getting back onto a horse I haven't ridden for years and miss it very much (I used to have my own pony as a youngster).  So that will be something I definitely get a go on soon! :D

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