About Me

In April 2009, I embarked on a life changing journey.  At 130kg's I found myself starting to struggle with every day life.  I knew if I didn't find a way to lose some weight I was going to eat myself into an early grave.

Having yo-yo'd dieted for years, managing to lose some weight only to put it, plus more back on, I finally threw my dieting and deprivation mantra out the window, and simply applied the old common sense adage of eating well and exercising.

On top of that I took some time to talk to myself, and those close to me and started to identify those issues which seem to have helped lead me into a life of obesity.

By the end of 2009 I had lost 30kg and broke the 100kg mark.  In 2010 I started doing fun runs, with the aim of completing the City 2 Surf, I lost an additional 22kg's completing the transition from a Size 26 to a Size 10-12.

When I hit the 45kg mark I was introduced to Hypoxi, (exercise incorporated with advanced vacuum technology to target fat in the problem zones of the stomach, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs).  This was at the point where everyone warned me I my weightloss would slow down and that I would have to be OK with that.  Hypoxi helped me keep on track and accelerated my results to smash right through the promised plateau's everyone had warned me about.

2011 - My focus has now begun to change to one of maintaining my weightloss and discovering what that entails and what you need to do to make those smaller changes to your body and how you settle into your new body.  Join me on this journey as I try a whole new range of workouts, study to become a qualified Personal Trainer, and continue on with my Hypoxi journey to help finish shaping the body I've learnt I truly deserve!