Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am a Triathlete

I didn't realise it had been so long since I'd blogged.  I have a couple of half started blogs that I never got round to finishing which would be part explanation.

On Sunday 13th March 2011, I became a Triathlete!  Whilst not on my goals list this year, a spur of the moment decision led to registration of the Trishave Women's Festival, I decided on the Enticer Distance which is a 250m swim/10km bike ride/2.5km run.  Whilst the main objective was just to finish I have to readily admit I am more than stoked that my time was well under the hour at 51:25.

My splits were:

Swim: 8:38, Bike: 27:42, Run 15:04
31/49 (30-39 age category)
66/118 (overall)

The swimming was my weakest point (expected) yet still I managed to not come quite dead last (unexpected!).  I made up great time on the bike, overtaking quite a few bikes quickly.  The run was relatively average, and feeling the pinch of the compounded effect of a swim and a bike ride, leaving not only my legs but my whole body feeling .... heavy! :D 

So the photos from the day are up and not a single one of me, lucky I had wonderful family and friends cheering me on, see my montage from Trainer Nate, who ran his own mini marathon after me capturing me at each leg, transition and finish line! :D  I know my sister also got a front one of me on the finish line and some mucking around ones afterwards, when she gets round to uploading them! hehehehe

So what's the verdict.  Well I want to improve my swimming that's for sure, and the Sprint level (500m swim/20km ride/5km run) is considered the competitive one to be entering, so it's likely I will at the very least endeavour to build up to that level, and give it a go.  But there's no rush.  A triathlon was not on my goals list for the year (well it's ticked complete now but you know what I mean)!  I still have a half marathon to do as well, so yes I will likely try again, but it doesn't have to be next week, my main aim would be to increase my swimming capacity to enable me to freestyle the entire way.

In the meantime, my local Crossfit gym has started morning classes, Tuesdays and Thursdays, so along with Saturday mornings I'm giving that a whirl, whilst I finish off my next 6 weeks of swim squad and I'm going to try to throw a yoga class in there as well.  This should keep me pretty active for a while! :D
Stay tuned for some of my Crossfit excapades, this morning I deadlifted 70kg.  I'll be keeping records of my achievements so I can see what improvements I make.  Remember the main goal is chin ups (unassisted!).

So it's mid March and the year is flying by so quickly but looking back to the beginning of the year I feel I have achieved alot of what I had planned and wanted to do.... fun runs, a triathlon, rock climbing to zumba.  What is that you want to achieve this year, and what have you done about it so far?


  1. Tia Clap Clap Clap Well done you are really pushing yourself to go further and I am so dam proud of you One word for you **My Hero** oops that is two lol

  2. WELL DONE!!!

    Seriously, I did that as well. Lesson learned now though :)

    Well done on your first race!!!

  3. Thank you lovely Berys!

    Jess I had to sit down to put my socks and shoes on and to make sure I double knotted my laces. I decided against the easy laces for this race because I hadn't done enough running in them to be sure the shoe wouldn't slip. And I needed socks. I was quick though I promise, cause I didn't need to change any clothes! :D