Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to work

So Christmas is now over, New Years has been celebrated and it's time for reality to set back in. 

Today it is back to work, it's still quiet not everyone is back yet.  There's plenty for me to do if I can be bothered! ;P

This morning I went for a run, I haven't done too much running over the last few weeks so I expected to conk out pretty quick, but I did OK for about 4km, further than I expected, the entire circuit was 5.4km.  Last year I borrowed a bike from a friend and toyed with the idea of riding to work, as I discovered it would be about a 15min bike ride to work, it takes me about half an hour door to door if I drive including parking and then a 5min walk from the car park, etc (which seems ridiculous seeing work is like well 15mins away!).  So this morning I just decided to go for it, and off I went.  I mean truly the time it takes me to drive in, park and walk from the car park to work I could actually walk my bike route in the same amount of time.  It's a pretty good route too, not too much road, and where there is road relatively little traffic, which makes me more comfortable, not to big on riding in the traffic!

Think I am going to alternate the occassional bike ride days with a walk day too.  Just to mix it up and keep it interesting!

So the main plan is to build that running back up again, and keep it more regular.  I guess I could do a jog to work but I don't fancy getting all hot and sweaty and then having to shower at work.  The bike ride is minimal so today I only had to switch my trackie pants for my work pants! 

I also did a big shop and got myself nice and organised for the week.  My microwave died :( so I had to get a new one as I rely big time on it!  I am a big fan of the quick frozen vegies, but decided I needed to re-expand my repetoire once again.  And truly I forget how much fruit and veg you can get for so little cost! So my fridge is all stocked and prepped.  I made some yummy home-made meatballs ready for tonight's dinner with some fresh green beans, snow peas, zucchini and sweet potato.  I made a delicious chicken salad for lunch and have a yummy banana and nice red apple for snacks.  I also have some lovely looking strawberries waiting for dessert tonight.  And I started the day with a nice omlette made with mushrooms and baby spinach and some ham.  I even cut up some celery and carrot sticks, ready to grab.  When I get in these prep moods, I need to take advantage of them, because when I am not in them, then it's frozen vegies 3 minutes in the microwave all the way! :D 

I made the omlette super easy to make by cutting the vegies the night before and even cracking the eggs (1 egg, 2 egg whites) into a bowl ready to go.  So I will do the same tonight ready for the morning!  I've also rediscovered my Magic Bullet (a mixer thingy!) and have been re-experimenting with protein shakes again, with lots of ice they make a really great option on hot days!  I use so much ice, I almost need to eat them with a spoon, like ice-cream.

Is all this talk of food making you hungry!?  Truly though, eating well for me comes down to being organised, the more organised I am, the better food choices I make.  The weeks I let the organisation slip, are the weeks I sometimes make not so great choices.  In addition I try to make it easy on myself by cooking for 2 or 3 and then either taking the 2nd portion in for lunch, simply doing a reheat the next night, or freezing for when I feel extra lazy, let's face it we all have those days, so it's worthwhile planning for them.  And why not take advantage of when you do feel like cooking by cooking a little extra and then keeping it in the freezer! :D

Those are my tips for today!

So the only decision I have left today is how I should have my strawberries?


  1. It is making me hungry :( I am on hold with Garmin (15 minutes and counting!!!) trying to find out if I can get my cadence sensor replaced, cos the stinking thing jumped off my bike on the weekend.

    And Magic Bullet?? Glad you explained it, I have a friend who has... er... another thing... that's called that!! :P

  2. LOL yes yes I know! ;p http://conceptsdirect.com.au/magic-bullet.html?gclid=CJ7yh7awn6YCFQXgbgodfzWNTw
    I love it because it comes with these cups that you put on the blender and so it makes the drink right there in the cup, unscrew add the cup lip (screws on) and away you go, only one thing to wash! And it does ice awesomely!