Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bike woes to Triathlon possibilities...

So recently I introduced Lexi... my new bike, Lexi didn't make it home from the bike shop in one piece!  (oops I suppose I should explain here I didn't get her from the bike shop, I just took her there to get her checked out). Her back tyre popped and I had to carry her for a kilometre.  Let me tell you I am grateful all those body weight exercises and all those times I was forced to carry a kettlebell above my head or I never would have made it. :D

Needless to say the bike shop were so insistent that she was not suitable for my needs that they said if I bought a bike from them they would minus the cost of the service on Lexi from the new bike.  On top of that a new bike comes with free servicing for the first year.

I spoke to some people at work and became most concerned when one of the girls mentioned how she'd started on the wrong bike and started getting alot of neck problems.  I realised I either made the investment so as to not damage myself (remember this is supposed to be something good I am doing for myself) or I went back to driving to work!

I have to admit the guys in the bike shop were super lovely and once I gave them my price point they stuck with the entry level road bike, whilst they didn't try to sell me a more expensive bike, they did explain why they didn't recommend a cheaper bike.  They showed me how to take the front wheel off quickly and easily to fit the bike in the car, and told to me to drop in if I had any worries.

Soooooo hahaha today I introduce Chloe....  I have to admit the first ride on her was suprisingly smooth, I popped her into the lowest gears up hill and she just kept gliding.  So no excuses I have to ride her to make her worthwhile! hahaha  On the weekend I will take her for a longer ride to really test her and me out! :D
I still find it funny sometimes that I wanted to do this, ride to work like it's no real effort, I love that I want to do these kinds of things as part of my life now.  I love that I was able to carry a bike for a kilometre and yeah it wasn't easy but I didn't die doing it! I love that these things are part of my life now!  And yes people keep throwing the word triathalon around and I keep poo pooing it, but apparently if I am interested I can use the new bike to start with.  I don't know there are those small ones you can do, I guess it would certainly be an achievement! :D  Never say never right?!

So in the midst of writing this post over a couple of days, another new goal has started to weave it's way into my mind... now I've done some fun runs and I'm even planning a half marathon this year, I've had the word Triathlon thrown at me a few times and I've brushed it away (I mean in the previous paragraph I just wrote never say never didn't I!!?).  But I've realised there are like little ones you can do.  They call it the Enticer, 750m swim, 10km ride, 2.5km run.... now I have no idea what my swimming will be like (I'll probably need a lot of help) but I look at those distances and think I CAN do that!  I mean I know I can knock a 2.5 km run off that's like a warm up and yesterday I took the bike for a ride down the park before heading home that was almost 9km so I can do 10km and hey if I can carry a bike for almost a kilometre I'm sure I can figure out how to swim it right? 

Does it sound like I'm trying to convince you the reader or me the doer?   Well I'm going to go and have a chat to my local Triathlon club and see how I go from there, I mean really it would definitely be a way to ensure I got good use out of Chloe and a good solid routine for some training right?  If the swimming is althogether atrocious, then there's also the option of a Duathlon, which is a run, a bike ride and another run.  Options options options.... City2Surf, Half Marathon, Triathlon... would make a great trifecta right?! :D


  1. The thing is, if you join the tri club, you can just run if you want. Or just ride.
    Or just swim.

    When I started, all I did was swim. And the fact of the matter is, I found the triathletes to be a whole lot more welcoming than a running group or a swim squad when you are a beginner...

    Most triathletes struggle with the swim portion, and if you are run, you've got it made. At the end of the day, triathlon IS a running race.
    That's why I suck so hard :)

  2. Hi :)

    Someone shared your link with me because she thought I might like your blog... well, I do!

    We are very similar, although I have only lost 20 kilos! You seem to have taken more of a shine to running, I chose the Triathlon path :)

    Doing City to Surf also got me interested in signing up for events - so much fun hey?!

    Good luck!! Check me out: