Monday, January 10, 2011

Exercising the week away

So it's been an exercise fest, and boy am I feeling it today!  Last Thursday night I tried Bikram Yoga with the girls.  Now I guess what you need to know about me first is I've never been a big fan of the heat, and well as I grew in size I grew to hate the heat more and more.  Often the heat would make me sick and headachey and well in dire need of lots of ice-cream preferably eaten whilst sitting in a cool bath.... ahhhhhh!

To exercise in the heat well that is a whole different kettle of fish, but granted I have to say that as I've lost weight, while I still don't adore the heat, as long as I keep well hydrated I find I can tolerate it better.  But doing Yoga in a hot room, not right up there on my high list of things to experience, unless you get an email from a friend saying wanna try it and you stoopidly don't check that it's "that" one before committing! :D

So what's the verdict, it was difficult, it was difficult for me to simply stay in the room!  No wonder all the regulars were basically half naked!  We were told we didn't have to do all the poses but you had to stay in the room for the full 90 mins.  We were up the back and on occassion the instructor would come open the door and cool air would whoosh in, I have to admit I'm not sure how helpful that was as everytime she went to close the door I wanted to cry.  There were times I stopped and just sat or laid there trying to focus on my breath and not have a full fledged panic attack and run out of the room.  Quite the mental struggle.  Surprisingly I would like to get a bit better at some of the yoga poses and then try it again, just to push through that fear.

Saturday saw a monster kettle bell session.  My PB for the day was a 20kg pop press!  Here's a picture of me holding 52kg in kettle bells the amount of weight I've lost, I could only walk about 10-15 steps with it before I had to put it down, it blows my mind that I lived with that day in day out, no wonder I had to take breaks in between simple tasks like vacuuming my house!  My lower back used to ache so much.  It doesn't look that much in kettle bells does it!?  Maybe I should try 52kg's of butter that would definitely look a lot!

Hmmm not one of my prettier pictures, but at least I look like I worked hard! :P

Sunday was the first fun run of the year.  A 5.5km run at Sydney Olympic Park.  My results from the web were:

Time: 35:40 (average was 37:00)
89/194 total finishers (54.12%)
48/136 female finishers (64.71%)
45/128 adult female finishers (64.84%)

I've pretty much been around the middle of the pack, so I liked seeing it creep into the 60%!

I have now discovered that the first fun run I did last year on Australia Day IS back on this year.  So I am toying with the idea of doing it, it is an incredibly hilly run of 8.2km but it would be so satisfying to beat the time I did, well to you know run the whole thing!  My next one aside from that is February it's supposed to be a 7km run on the Saturday and a 1km swim on the Sunday but I'm kinda annoyed that it's $39 EACH day!   But the first run of the year is ticked off and onwards I go. 

Tonight is another new adventure as we try Muay Thai Kick Boxing!  Hopefully it's airconditioned! :D

Aside from that I have scored a free bike, I'll be busy cleaning it up from surface rust this week and getting it working as I know have to return my loaner, but I need the bike now I've gone and cancelled my parking pass.  This morning I got caught in the rain! hehehehe a lesson learnt that I need to be better prepared for that! :D

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  1. I am worried about my commute Friday morning... I HAVE to ride because the boys need my car....

    It's going to be a long 35km in the rain, I think!