Monday, January 17, 2011

Introducing Lexi...

I'd like to introduce you all to my latest acquisition... and workout buddy.... here's Lexi! :D

So for those of you who are out of the loop it goes like this.  Last year I borrowed a bike from a friend to see if I'd get any use out of it.  The aim was to maybe ride the bike to the pool and swim and ride back, I've yet to do that! BUT I discovered that the ride to work is 15-20 mins.  Even though I live close to work by the time I get in the car, park the car, walk from the car park and so on and so on well it's longer than it takes to ride, with no additional benefits and extra costs such as petrol and parking. 

I cancelled my parking pass, and have happily survived the last 3 weeks on half a tank of petrol (how cool is that!) but then the owner of my loaner... (hahahaha say that 5 time very fast) asked for the bike back, inspired by her holidays of riding with the kids, she wanted to get back into it, good on her!

Another friend offered me a bike in her garage still in the box for a token fee, so I snapped it up and here is my attempt at putting her together, unfortunately when I took her down the service station to blow her tyres up I managed to pop the back tyre! I haven't even ridden the bike and I manage to break it!  I find this very funny! :D

So at this point it's Sunday afternoon, I've not managed to "ride" her only to "walk" her, it's a hot and humid day and I'm already drenched just from walking her half a kilometre down the road!  Thank god for iphone, I google the nearest bike shop (thankfully open on Sundays), "walk" her back up the road, manage to shove her in the back of my car and get to the bike shop only to have the guy take one look at her and promptly ask me if I'd like to survive the first ride! To which I laugh but obviously respond Yes.... guess my bike assembly skills are not up to par.  Luckily he squeezes me in and says I can pick her up this afternoon and he will also put a tool kit and pump set together for me... although I currently have no idea what to do with it! Guess some bike maintenance learning is in my future! :D

I then have to decide what to do to get to work in the morning, drive in and pick up the bike on the way home, get the bus, or walk.  I decide to walk and ride the bike home.  The walk takes 40 mins, but mostly what I love is that is really seemed the easiest option, and I love that walking around seems effortless these days.  Two years ago, well... I wouldn't have even considered getting on a bike, let alone try to decide how I was going to pick it up.

Now to seek out matching accessories because it's more fun right!  My week this week is full, BUT my aim for next week is to get her to the pool and get me in the water! :D

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  1. Haha don't be scared of the bike maintenance. Everything is on youtube, and it will come eventually!!