Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun run fun...

Seems I was a little hasty with my results for my fun run... not to worry the results are even better now!

Time: 35:40 (average was 39:46)
91/227 total finishers (59.91%)
48/161 female finishers (70.19%)
45/152 adult female finishers (70.39%)

The photos were great, not pretty but great action shots for sure.  Because there were considerably less people hundreds compared to the thousands from City2Surf and the Sydney Running Festival, they were able to really capture everyone.  I forgot all my pretty photo rules though, chin down, smile, all that jazz, but hey hahaha I was running and you can definitely see that! :D

I'm still surprised when I see photos how small I look but that's definitely a good thing right?

So our foray into kickboxing on Monday was much more of a success than the Bikram Yoga from last week! Whilst the gym was not airconditioned (there were large fans) you get caught up in trying to remember the moves that you forget about it, the dirty sock smell also fades... it's a real guys gym :D.  We almost left before we got there, as we were about to walk in, a man was hitting some boys in the boxing ring with a stick.... an actual stick! However, I am happy to report we weren't shown the stick, and I ended up with a young boy as a partner who was very sweet and took me through the moves we were required to do and was very friendly and helpful.  Next week we are going to try the girl's class just to see what the difference is and without the fear we are holding the boys back.  The gym also has normal yoga so I'll be looking to try that too!

So I've just had a discussion with a work colleague who used to sell sports shoes, and am in trouble about my shoes, lucky I'm off on the weekend for new ones!  I know it's important when you do alot of running, I've just been trying to get round to it!

Yesterday I got a very exciting compliment, I was told my calves were really nice and well-defined and asked what I do to get them like that.  Why was this such a critical compliment for me... because when I was in high school I had a mean mean boy call me tree stump... claiming I had to ankle and my legs looked like... can you guess... yep tree stumps.  My brother used to call me dumbo cause my ears stick out... and people wonder why they end up with body issues!  We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but nice comments are always welcomed right?!

Next fun run planned is on Australia Day in Menai, it's an 8.2km and it's very hilly, it was my very first fun run last year, and well my very first fun run ever!  My aim is to run the whole thing and do it in under an hour (I reiterate it's VERY HILLY). 

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